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2020 - Home Working And Routine

April 1, 2020

Some companies already encourage employees to work from home for a few days a week so are already set up to keep track of who is doing what and where. 

In times of crisis those who do not usually or have never worked from home are having to do so and for some this is also juggled around childcare and other things going on in the home. Neither are we all blessed with having homes with enough space to really make a “home office”. Lot’s of us will have to temporarily set up in our bedrooms, on the kitchen table or even just on the sofa meaning that you may have less space to spread out, potentially be working on 1 screen instead of 2, and could even struggle to get a decent internet connection. It’s far from ideal for anyone, especially when it happens so suddenly but on the plus side, when’s the last time you could listen to non appropriate music and wear your slippers to work!

For those who struggle to get used to working at home due to a sudden lack of routine, home schooling and the many distractions that we often ignore by going to a physical workplace in the first place, signing in and out as usual may help you to keep a bit of structure. Obviously this depends on everyones individual circumstances right now and any time and attendance systems or procedures that may already be in place, but if there are no procedures or systems in place you might find that even writing down your own work schedule could help to bring at least a little bit of work/life balance.

Equally if you are an employer now could be a good time to take the chance to reassess some of your processes to see how you could make them more efficient. I mean lets face it, we all let certain tasks pile up whilst we focus our attention elsewhere! Our mobile time and attendance solutions mean that employees can clock in on the go with the ability to restrict this to within a certain radius of the workplace when needed. The information gathered is sent to a cloud based dashboard so that you can view this from any computer and use it to help with tasks such as the processing of payroll. This not only helps to make your business processes more efficient but saves money and time, allowing staff who would usually spend hours looking at paper based time and attendance data in order to process payroll to focus on other areas of their job.


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