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Benefits of Facial Recognition Devices

September 22, 2020

With there being various technological innovations over the past decade, the introduction of facial recognition devices has pushed the realm of innovation and garnered significant interest from leading industries. This is reflected in the current forecasts for the facial recognition market, with the size of the market expected to reach $10 billion by 2025.

How does it work?

Facial recognition devices operate through a biometric software application which enables the unique identification and verification of an individual. This is done through the analysis of the facial structure of an individual, which is completely unique to them. Once an individual’s face has been detected, the device captures this information and matches it to internal data to complete the verification and authorise access.


Various facial recognition devices are being widely adopted in many industries and there has been a rise in technological devices which offer facial recognition features. So, what are the benefits?


Facial recognition devices provide an additional degree of security as only an authorised individual can gain access to a device or building which limits the threat of false identification. Facial recognition devices also possess a high level of accuracy which contributes to the security of a device or building.


Another key benefit of a facial recognition device is the speed in which the identification process is completed. Sophisticated software can complete identification instantaneously which makes the process efficient and easy to use.


The software system behind a facial recognition device allows for the complete automation of identification. For the majority, this eliminates the need for physical methods of identification which may be time consuming and labour intensive.  


Facial recognition devices can be integrated seamlessly within businesses or buildings. A lot of the software used for facial recognition devices is compatible with existing software systems which makes the implementation of these devices a straightforward process.


Facial recognition devices can be operated completely hands free which helps eliminate any physical interaction with devices in terms of contact.

At ClockedIn, we have recently developed a state-of-the-art facial recognition device which can measure the temperature of an individual. For more information on this device, please call us on 0845 4903 901.


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