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Benefits of Tracking Time and Attendance

March 19, 2020

Time and attendance solutions are an essential part of workforce management that can improve time recording, help ensure staff are paid correctly and more. For many years, employee attendance commonly used to be monitored using manual punch clocks where a time card was manually entered and the date and hour printed on that card. With the use of mobile devices, many people now work more flexibly, from home, outside of normal hours and even on the move which can make time recording difficult. There are now a variety of automated solutions available such as ClockedIn which allow employees to use a range of devices and technologies making the process quicker and easier. Here are some of the benefits of introducing an automated time and attendance solution in your workplace.

Simplify payroll and avoid human error

Everyone makes mistakes. It’s easy to do, even by the most precise and honest employees who could simply making a mistake when filling out paper time sheets. However, these simple mistakes such as misplaced zeros can have a time consuming effect on payroll. By tracking work hours using a time and attendance system human error is avoided and the lengthy task of payroll preparation can be drastically reduced. Especially when like ClockedIn, the system generates payroll reports based on the data captured.

Legal issues

Some legal issues that could arise in a workplace may require evidence of hours worked as well as being able to show how many people were working at the time an incident happened. The database linked to your time and attendance device ensures that this information can be located if ever needed.

Get rid of paperwork

Paperwork comes with many costs such as the paper itself, ink, pens to write with and the time to manually extract information and file the paperwork. clear your desk of paperwork and reduce the amount of filing needed. With an automated system you can easily find the information you need, save time and clear your desk of constant paperwork.

Take back time!

HR and accounting/payroll departments spend a lot of time each month preparing and processing payroll which is often just a small part of their workload. By automating tasks and being able to generate payroll reports based on the data captured there is more time to spend elsewhere.

Create a central database

Some companies have multiple offices or sites sometimes making it difficult to combine time and attendance data, especially if employees work across multiple sites. In this instance it is much easier to have a standardized system in each location that sends all time and attendance data to one centralised location.


Great importance is placed on being punctual. But how can you guarantee that you won’t get the odd repeat offender who arrives early and/or leaves late and continues to get away with it. You can’t, but by tracking time and attendance you can see the problem and deal with it avoiding issues such as low morale that can surface as a result.

Increased security

In some environments, it may not be possible to place password only based devices away from the view of others. At ClockedIn, one of our time and attendance solutions works alongside our biometric device. This enables users to clock in and out using their fingerprint, increasing security and keeping the process efficient and easy. The use of a fingerprint reader also helps to eradicate ‘buddy punching’.


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