Benefits of Facial Recognition Devices

By Andrew

With there being various technological innovations over the past decade, the introduction of facial recognition devices has pushed the realm of innovation and garnered significant interest from leading industries. This is reflected in the current forecasts for the facial recognition market, with the size of the market expected to reach $10 billion by 2025.

The Cost of Lateness

By Hannah

Do you know the real cost of lateness to your business? Effects are seen not just in terms of money but also where productivity and staff morale is concerned.

The Importance of Measuring Temperature

By Liam

Abnormal human body temperature is a key give-away that somebody is struggling with an illness. We discuss the importance of minimising disease by utilising temperature-checking devices as an alert system.

Introducing the Clockedin SmartHub-FT

By Andrew

Our new SmartHub-FT combines facial recognition and infrared technology for a safe and secure way to record attendance whilst discovering abnormalities in human body temperature – without a single touch!

Benefits of Tracking Time and Attendance

By Hannah

Time and attendance are imperative to the operational functioning of a business. From paper timesheets to our digitised systems, we discuss the ‘ins and outs’ of time and attendance management.