What Is Biometric Technology All About?

By Andrew

Ever wanted to know which type of fingerprints you have? This is the blogpost for you! We look at the 8 most common fingerprint patterns and how biometric technology utilises these biological signatures.

How to Get a Stable Wifi Connection

By Liam

Wireless internet is everywhere now, but what can you do to maximise your connection? We discuss router location, software, and hardware in order to help you avoid those annoying internet disconnections – or even worse, slow Wi-Fi!

A Biometric History – Part 1

By Liam

From Alphonse Bertillon, to Charles Darwin, to Sir Franic Galton: This post spans the history of the 1800’s to scour out the first uses of fingerprint biometrics and their function in identification!

How to Clean a Fingerprint Reader

By Liam

Our biometric devices are home to an integrated fingerprint reader, but how exactly is to best care for them? We let you know how to clean them safely and effectively!

The Bradford Factor

By Hannah

Ever wondered what the Bradford Factor is? Or how we have found a way to link Pirates of the Caribbean’s Captain Barbossa to employee management? Well, we cover both here alongside the importance in relativity when it comes to staff absence.