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How to Get a Stable Wifi Connection

August 1, 2019

No matter where you are, at work, at home or even out and about, you want a good Wi-Fi connection. There’s nothing quite as frustrating as being in the middle of browsing only for the internet to cut out and you either have to reset the router or move around until you get a more stable connection once again. In this blog we’re going to talk about some tips to help keep that Wi-Fi connection stable and less frustrating.


The first thing you want to check out is the actual placement of the Wi-Fi router, because that really can affect quite a lot. So, you want to make sure that the device is totally uncovered and isn’t placed behind anything. To get more specific you want to make sure that it isn’t really near any metal at all, as this can lead to interruptions with the Wi-Fi signal. Another big culprit for causing issues are other wireless devices, I’m talking, cordless phones, wireless printers, Bluetooth devices and even microwaves can cause issues. So, to make sure that angle is completely covered don’t leave your router anywhere near those sorts of devices.


Another thing you can check for is to make sure that all the software you’re using on your routers is fully up to date. This is a pretty simple and easy thing to check, all you’ll need to do is get onto the router management screen, which you’ll be able to access by following the instructions located on your router. If your router is all up to date then you can look at updating the wireless adapters, if you have any that is, on your computers. You can either go through the usual process of updating by going through the “Check for updates” option or you can go to the website of the manufacturer and manually look for any updates available.


The final thing you can do is upgrade! The reason you could be having issues is because you’ve overloaded your router with too many connections. If you feel like that’s the case start shopping around and see if you can find some routers that allow for more connections and traffic, so you won’t have to worry about that being the cause of the issues!


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