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Introducing the Clockedin SmartHub-FT

May 15, 2020

Facial recognition and temperature measurement terminal

The ClockedIn SmartHub-FT is an Android operating Facial Recognition device with thermal temperature recording technology. The facial sensor has a quick matching speed, high resolution, and can be operated touchless. Using Infrared technology, an abnormal temperature can be identified immediately.

– Contactless and Secure Access, prevent unauthorised persons entering a site. All identification can be done without physical interaction.

– Abnormal Temperature Identification, reduce the risk of un-well employees entering a site with their temperature being identified upon Clocking In.

– Swipe & Go function which allows a quick and contactless sign in to work.


 Android 7.1 operating system

• Infrared Thermography Testing – Error range ±0.3°C

• Binocular Liveness Detection – Recognition rate > 99.5%

• Front Dual-lens Camera (RGB+IR), 2MP+1.3MP

• Communications- Ethernet/WiFi/Bluetooth LTE/GPRS

• NFC Card Reader

The importance of identifying an abnormal temperature

According to a recent study completed by an insurance company (Aviva millions of people have attended work every year, when feeling ‘un-well’ instead of taking the day off to rest. The problem a business can face is the transferring of common bugs/viruses when un-well employees enter a work place. Over time, this can affect an entire work force with many members of staff unable to work due to illness.

The health of an employee should be highly considered by all businesses, the introduction of the ClockedIn SmartHub-FT will significantly reduce the risk of illness in a workplace. Upon an employee clocking into their shift, an infrared sensor will take an employee’s forehead temperature within seconds. If their temperature is abnormal or above the set parameters an alert will display on the screen. In turn this prevents access to the individual who could be un-well. A manager can recommend that the employee must return home or visiting a doctor. Furthermore, the SmartHub-FT can be used with minimal contact, reducing risk of spreading illness by touching the screen. All identification/verification is done using the camera and thermal and infrared sensor.


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