We've got lots

                   to offer ...

We've got lots to offer ...

Time and Attendance Solutions

Mobile Time Clock

A quick and easy to use app designed for use on any android or iOS device. Mobile Time Clock is a cost-effective solution that gives you real time access to clocking in data.


Available as a handheld or fixed position device, the ClockedIn SmartHub features a military grade fingerprint reader and NFC card reader, making it simple, flexible and secure.


The ClockedIn SmartHub-FT provides a contactless time and attendance solution. This easy to use facial recognition device can also identify a user's temperature upon clocking in.

AirStack+ Suite

The powerhouse behind our biometric devices. AirStack+ Suite is a comprehensive collection of Cloud-based products allowing you to access as much time and attendance data as you wish.

Bespoke Solution

At ClockedIn we understand that every company is unique. Our team can help build a solution as unique as you including planning, development, implementation and support.


Designed for educational settings, Campus+ integrates SIMS with a cloud-based monitoring and reporting dashboard, our biometric devices, and mobile apps to keep your establishment safe and secure.

Other Products

SmartHub - Cleanse & Go

A completely contactless device, the SmartHub - Cleanse & Go monitors users temperatures and automatically dispenses hand sanitizer products. It is a quick and easy to use safety precaution.