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Roll Call – the Importance of Knowing Who Is Where in an Emergency

July 12, 2019

There are many types of emergencies that could possibly threaten our everyday work life including fire, terror threats, structural failure, extreme weather and crime with special procedures being needed for such emergencies. Further than clearly labelling any emergency exits and deciding on safe meeting places, it is useful to know exactly who needs to be accounted for. As much as we can plan in advance and ensure everything needed is to hand, no one knows when an emergency is going to happen, making it important to have procedures in place at all times just in case the worst was to happen. However, depending on the environment and type of workplace, at many points in the day staff may come and go making paper registers nearly impossible to keep up to date and available in case of an emergency.

In fact it is not just as simple as what staff are in the building and we should not rely on other people remembering where their colleagues may have gone, or if they have gone anywhere at all. Some members of staff may be on holiday, off sick, away elsewhere on business, working from home, running late or working more flexible hours that are hard to account for. As well as staff any visitors and contractors that may be in the building also need to be accounted for. In the event of an emergency the status and safety of anyone who was in the building becomes a main concern with quick and effective action being needed in order to minimize any consequences highlighting the importance of knowing who is in the building in emergency situations. Any roll call taken should be quick and efficient, a process that paper may hinder. In the event of an emergency, time is key and it is important for everyone to leave the building as quickly and safely as possible meaning that depending where paperwork is kept or whether it needs printing etc there may not be time to collect it in the first place. In heavy rain or dark weather paper may become illegible, or perhaps in the case of a fire you simply cannot get to or any paperwork has already been destroyed.

By implementing integrated cloud based time and attendance and roll call systems you can know exactly who is on site at any given time, ensuring safety is kept efficient and enabling quicker action to be taken by the emergency services. OnTime Roll Call, part of our AirStack+ Suite, integrates with our time and attendance software allowing you to quickly and easily access a real-time database to see precisely who is on site via an app or easy to read PDF. The data is gathered from time and attendance data collected through and constantly updated with data generated from our clocking in machines and AirStack+ time and attendance software, making it easy for managers to know quickly and effortlessly who is on site in case of an emergency, without relying on paperwork or pieced together snippets of information from other staff. We can be almost 100% certain that multiple people will have a mobile phone on them at any time, making a database that can easily be viewed through an app or printed at the push of a button an essential tool in reducing risk.


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