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Software As A Service: SAAS

October 21, 2021

What does SAAS stand for?

In simple terms, it represents the phrase “Software As A Service”. That probably doesn’t mean much to you, however, unless you’re already working within the IT industry.

In more in depth terms, it represents the cloud based software delivery model in which the cloud provider develops and maintains cloud application software. This software then provides the users with automatic software updates. It also allows software to become available to the public using a pay as you go method, through the internet, and helps businesses continue to expand and thrive even as markets are largely being moved online.

Software As A Service was originally put into the world during the early 2000s. However, it was quickly pushed off to the side as a non feasible method of development, due to the strict and rigid nature in which it had been designed. At the time, it only offered a single service and provided the answer to only a single question.

However, as technology has progressed around us, and the needs of consumers have grown, so to have the advancements in Software As A Service continued to evolve and develop. Now, the modern cloud connects to almost everything that runs through the internet. These applications span not just financial companies and human resources, but they also help create the supply chain that processes marketing, sales, and commerce.

It eliminates the need for additional hardware and middleware. This makes it far more affordable and viable of a concept for even much smaller companies. There are also no unpredictable costs for managing, patching, or updating software and hardware that’s run through the SAAS (software as a service) system. Because it offers a system that provides the user with automatic updates, there’s no need for being an IT specialist yourself just to make use of the system.

The on demand scalability of the SAAS system has also helped in its popularity. It allows for the systems to constantly update to conform to the growing date inputs and the transactional demands, all while reducing the numbers of disruptions faced. This helps small businesses thrive, and provides them with the information needed to accurately make correct decisions in regards to their business, as well as providing customers with an easy and pain free experience.

Modern Software As A Service applications have turned into platforms to meet the growing needs of this digital age, such as allowing your system to support apps such as Zoom and time and attendance solutions. It also provides small businesses with a far more affordable method of handling their products and reaching various markets at a remarkable speed.

Software As A Service doesn’t just extend to the computer, either, but is also available via mobile means – this allows consumers to have access to more choices and options than ever before, like our OnTime Mobile App. By removing the once rigid backbone originally created in the early 2000s, Software As A Service has become a pivotal and vastly important aspect of our daily technological usage.

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