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The Cost of Lateness

August 27, 2020

Employee lateness can be a considerable problem for businesses but what is the true cost of lateness to the UK economy?

In a survey conducted by the Heathrow Express, more than half of the people that were surveyed admitted to being late to work. The same survey also lead to the estimation that staff arriving late to work costs the UK economy £9 billion a year. 

These are alarming figures and it is something that can have detrimental effects for a business. Businesses are likely to experience a dip in productivity from employees who are late. Previous research has highlighted that those are arrive at work usually take a longer period, up to an hour, to settle in and start the working day thus limiting their productivity. In addition, staff who are required to pick up on work from those who have arrived late may have to reschedule their own diaries to ensure that certain tasks are completed. This can have a knock-on effect on staff morale as they may feel that they are having to pick up the slack off those who are late.

Whilst there are some valid reasons as to why staff members arrive late to work, there are occasions where issues with lateness amongst certain employees can be persistent. In these situations, it is important to explore ways in which time and attendance of these employees can be monitored.

What is the solution?

It is paramount for businesses to address lateness in their working teams to ensure that this does not become the norm. To be able to effectively monitor the time and attendance of employees, there is a need for a system to be in place to facilitate this.

At ClockedIn we have a range of products which allow you to manage the time and attendance of your employees, electronically. Our products range from an online mobile app which allows your employees to clock in and out via their electronic device all the way to a new facial recognition clocking in device. These products are supported by our AirStack+ software which provides you with a platform to electronically monitor the time and attendance of your employees via a customisable and personalised dashboard. From this dashboard, you can generate reports which will allow you to identify lateness in your working teams.

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