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‘Technology through the ages’ the Dial Up Phone

October 14, 2020

Technology – a word that I remember hearing as a child, I thought the adults were talking about an alien, but now it has a totally different meaning!

We have become best friends with technology and everything that it has to offer in our lives. Remembering the black and white televisions,  when you would argue over who’s turn it was to get up to change the channel or turn the sound up and down, no remote controls then – if we tell our children about it they don’t believe us.

I still recall the first day that the Landline Phone came to our house! The orange coloured dial up phone where you had to watch each individual number on the dial rotate all the way to the end and back again before you could dial the next number (if you are smiling you are remembering that feeling!!). Had you told me then that I would live to see a smart phone that you could use to call anyone, anywhere in the world with the touch of a screen – I would have said that you were crazy and that it was impossible.

But then, had you told us all last year that we would be sitting in our houses for several months only seeing our family and friends on screen, we would have laughed and said ‘No way’!

I still remember, as if it was yesterday, when the telephone rang for the first time and I was so excited to pick it up. We would then receive random missed calls or those when the caller did not speak. If you lived through that time as a teenager, you are smiling now as you know it wasn’t random, it was your boyfriend/girlfriend making a missed call to ensure that you answered yourself when he/she rang back. Yes, you remember it, you have ‘been there and done that’, the smile says it all.

Do you remember our fingers going numb dragging the numbers all the way around on the dial up phone, so we opted to use a pen or pencil instead, that was a small revolution on its own!

Caller ID arrived, and that was a bittersweet experience, you could avoid the call that you did not want to take, but it put paid to the missed call game, as that would no longer work!

Next, the genius cordless landline phones arrived, how amazing was that ‘bit of kit’, it gave us chance to pinch the phone, taking it to our room and pulling an all nighter  with the significant other, like you don’t know what I am talking about! To be fair in the few years that have passed since then, we have got used to the phones being slicker looking, having a set with one controller so that you can use them upstairs and downstairs, but I can’t tell you when was the last time that I actually used my landline phone. A colleague recently told me that when, due to the bad reception on her cell phone, she told her 12 year old sister that she would call her on the landline, the sister had no idea what she was talking about!

Thanks to technology, I am now able to see my parents on the other side of the world every night.

I do love a walk through the years, remembering things that have evolved, so please follow my blogs on our website as this is exactly what I will be doing. Those of a ‘certain age’ will remember – those ‘youngsters’ among you will hopefully appreciate the walk through those ‘retro years’!!

These are my memories and feelings, but I know that many of you will relate to them, especially if we are in a similar age category. No, you may never ask a lady’s age – LOL!

Good old days, and now we have grown up, and are business professionals. I work for an amazing Time and Attendance company which is all about the very latest technology.

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