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Why Have a Time & Attendance System?

October 1, 2019

Moving from anything old to new can be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. ClockedIn know better than anybody, how resources or tools that can help them save time, particularly on administrative tasks.  A time and attendance solution can improve both efficiency and accuracy in time reporting and management. Saving you money in the long term is a key factor in a successful business.

The 5 main benefits of having/updating a time and attendance system?

  • Improved Accuracy

Using mobile time and attendance systems are extremely useful for companies who would like to physically track their employee location. These systems are commonly used through mobile applications that use mobile GPS. This information is sent to the dashboard along with the clocking events. From the dashboard event, managers can view on the map where their employees are clocking in from remotely. No more clocking in from the comfort of a bed!

  • Increased Productivity

Productivity – Save the business money and time. It is common practice for employees to be late for work, and businesses to have no track of this using timesheets. Over time, this can create a massive financial cost for your company. Financial Investment in a time and attendance system is proven to be cost effective in the long term, use this saved money to improve your business in other places! Save administrative time running payrolls at the end of the month, infact this task can take hours using manual timesheets. All can be done in a click!

  • Higher levels of Employee Satisfaction

Watch your employees become happier at work. Happier workers, better results! What could be better for you? Time and attendance solutions provide the end employee accurate pay using the quickest methods. There can be no administrative errors such as entering incorrect times on timesheets. Money is a motivator, if wages are incorrect, you will almost certainly hear about it.  Furthermore, most time and attendance systems give direct access to employees to view their own clocking data.

  • Flexibility

It is known in the 21st that employees can work from home or another remote location. Time and attendance systems allow businesses to easily track time using a variety of clocking options. This makes it easy and convenient for all employees to track time, regardless of whether they’re in the office or not.

  • Managing shifts

With the use of time clock and attendance software, it’s so much easier to manage schedules, assign hours to specific tasks, add clients to tasks and easily keep track of shift swaps.


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