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Our Cloud-based time and attendance software works together with our biometric devices to provide accurate and user friendly attendance management solutions.

Biometric Solutions - Facial Recognition


As the latest addition to the ClockedIn range of time and attendance solutions, our facial recognition device allows you to record the temperature of any individual upon clocking in for the ultimate health and safety solution.


The front dual-lens camera quickly captures and matches images whilst providing accurate clocking-in events


As part of the clocking in process an infrared camera monitors the temperature of anyone using the device


Our swipe & go function reduces the need for physical interaction yet retains the device’s speed and accuracy


As well as saving you money in time lost, our prices can be adjusted accordingly each month to reflect the size of your workforce.


Real-time clocking in data along with detailed and customisable reporting tools provide an accurate reflection of your business.

User friendly

With an easy to navigate dashboard and simple clocking in system, both our biometric and mobile solutions are quick and easy to use.

Quick set-up

We provide logging in details for your dashboard shortly after signing up to ClockedIn, meaning you can access your time and attendance system within minutes.

Free lifetime support

To ensure you get the most out of our products, we are always on hand to answer any questions and provide support for our products.

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