Time Theft

By Sheida

ClockedIn Limited Time Theft Sheida May 8, 2021 What is Time Theft   Time theft occurs when employees are paid for the hours they have not worked. It can happen when employees ‘steal’ time by clocking in a little bit early or late daily, which adds up through the year. This can happen frequently, with…

Benefits of Facial Recognition Devices

By Andrew

With there being various technological innovations over the past decade, the introduction of facial recognition devices has pushed the realm of innovation and garnered significant interest from leading industries. This is reflected in the current forecasts for the facial recognition market, with the size of the market expected to reach $10 billion by 2025.

The Importance of Measuring Temperature

By Liam

Abnormal human body temperature is a key give-away that somebody is struggling with an illness. We discuss the importance of minimising disease by utilising temperature-checking devices as an alert system.

Facial Recognition

By Hannah

We talk about the world of facial recognition, including how it works and its recent use. Is use of facial recognition in public scenarios a breach of privacy? Read on!

A Biometric History – Part 2

By Liam

We are back with more on the history of biometrics! This blogpost talks about the FBI and the IAFIS to conclude the influence of fingerprint technology on the biometric landscape.

Fingerprint Scanners: How Do They Work?

By Hannah

Fingerprint scanners have been readily integrated into modern society – from your mobile phone, to country border control. Here, the science behind the differentials in fingerprint readers is revealed, so you can understand a little slice of our new ordinary!